2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes: November 12, 2014

Plaskett Room, New Westminster Public Library
November 12, 2014

Meeting called to order: 7:02pm by President, Matt Lorenzi

Attendance sheet was circulated
City Representative: Jim Hurst

Round table introductions

Development Application Presentation: Ash at 4th Street

Presentation by Scott Gordon, Architect

  • 4 story 38 unit apartment building with 42 underground parking spots
  • Everything is permitted by current zoning
  • Rebuild of the existing building with an additional story permitting bonus density
  • Secured Market Rental Housing; no strata
  • The building will have a sprinkler system with an alarm connected to the Fire Department
  • Same owner

It was asked whether the building is required to adhere to the Brow of the Hill action plan. Mr. Hurst commented that adherence to the neighbourhood action plan only applies in the matter of rezoning. Since this building is a replacement with no change in zoning the development presented as-is is permitted.

The possibility of the building being converted to Strata units was brought up. Mr. Hurst explained that a covenant is issued on the building before the development permit is issued to prevent the conversion to Strata units.

It was asked whether the trees depicted in the drawings would be included in the final product.This development hasn’t been presented to the design panel; many projects that are seen by the design panel ultimately see improvement.

The presentation sparked conversations regarding parking and street activity. Some of the points mentioned include:

  • Many apartment buildings parking lots are empty as more people are parking on the street for free as opposed to paying of parking.
  • Traffic calming/parklets to create more green space.
  • Bring the building closer to the street to encourage ground orientation to increase street activity.
  • The possible adjustment of creating three bedroom units where a couple of the two bedroom units exist.
  • Where would motorcycles and scooters park?

Some comments:

  • “Building looks good; meets some of the family friendly requirements”
  • “Perhaps recommend larger units on the ground floor; ground orientation.”
  • “Favorable, replaces what was there previously”